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Policy Governance® is the world's most complete theoretical foundation for the board's governance role in business, nonprofit (NGO), and government organizations.

John Carver
Creator of the
Policy Governance

Miriam Carver
Leading Policy Governance
theorist and consultant

Policy Governance® is an integrated set of concepts and principles that describes the job of any governing board. It outlines the manner in which boards can be successful in their servant-leadership role, as well as in their all-important relationship with management. Unlike most solutions to the challenge of board leadership, its approach to the design of the governance role is neither structural nor piecemeal, but is comprehensively theory based. The model covers all legitimate intentions of corporate governance codes (including Sarbanes-Oxley), but in a far more comprehensive, theory-based manner. There are no royalties or license fees for use of the model; it is free to all. Service mark protection is intended only to preserve the complete accuracy of the model.

Because the Policy Governance model has received worldwide interest and developed an enthusiastic following, there are many websites devoted in whole or in part to its features. This site, hosted by Policy Governance creator John Carver and Policy Governance 'master teacher' Miriam Carver, is the authoritative website with respect to the principles and concepts of the model.


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